Why investing in a career coach makes sense and how I can help!

  • As a Consultant, how do I provide the biggest impact?

    As a Consultant, my primary focus is to build each client’s confidence so that they remain motivated and inspired to take action. Some clients require more assistance (hand-holding) while others are already quite motivated and sufficiently empowered after only a couple of career coaching sessions. For those who require more attention, l will prepare a customized and detailed Strategy /Action Plan to guide them every step of the way. I follow up regularly via email /SMS /telephone to make sure they understand and complete the necessary homework provided. I stay in touch to make sure they remain engaged and committed throughout the program. My clients appreciate my attention to detail and know that I will go the extra mile to check that they stay on track.

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  • How I can help parents supporting their adult children’s job seeking journey?

    I work with parents who may be experiencing stress and anxiety because their adult children are out of work.  I can provide the necessary guidance, motivation, inspiration and support needed to get your unemployed adult child back into the work-force!  Call me for a confidential, obligation-free chat about your specific situation.

  • What are the main career challenges for those in blue-collar / junior positions?

    Taking far too long to accept the reality of their situation. Dragging their feet! Not coming to grips with what has happened and therefore not taking the necessary immediate action to adequately prepare for their exit out of the company. Not knowing where to start. Not having a clear direction and action plan to do this. Engaging the services of a professional Career Coach to help you get on track and stay on track – can make all the difference for a successful outcome.

  • What are the main career challenges for mature age workers?

    • Lack of self-confidence and self-belief.aboutus
    • Ageism, discrimination (whether perceived or real)
    • Inadequate or insufficient computer and research skills
    • Outdated Resume, LinkedIn Profile
    • Feeling insecure about general marketing
    • Lack of presentation skills
    • Fear of self-promoting and appearing ridiculous
    • Fear of failure
  • What are the main career challenges for those in senior to mid-level management positions?

    The nature of jobs and the job landscape keeps changing rapidly. For this group, staying one step ahead of the curb can be a challenge – especially if they’ve been employed in the same company for over 5 years.  Managing expectations, uncertainty, crushed egos, bruised self-confidence, staying motivated are all mixed emotions this group are likely to experience. I am a professional Career Coach with over 25 years experience and I can help manage such challenges.


 Fay Libman, Career Coach & Consultant,

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Fay Libman is a Career Coach and Consultant at Flair Careers. She provides virtual and in-person career coaching, offering services remotely for global clients and face-to-face for those based in Melbourne, Australia.