Wake up!

PREAMBLE: This piece was inspired by a client struggling to explain what he did in his last role. In this “Wake Up” message, I explain why making an effort and taking responsibility to recall (and record) such information is critical to your career / job search journey. Do you agree?


How can I explain to you
What it is that you must do?
To get a job and get it now,
Listen up – I’ll show you how.

Your cover letter and resume
Must be relevant and say
Exactly what it is you do.
Just be honest and be true.

General statements won’t suffice.
Provide evidence – don’t think twice.
You can’t afford to go blank.
Tell YOUR story – just be frank.

Do you know just what you want?
Can you tell your favourite aunt
Exactly what your job entailed?
If you can’t – then you’ll have failed.

Recruiters always want to know
If you’re sharp and in the flow.
Can you recall just what you did?
Or are you just a dopey kid?

Wake up now – don’t waste your life!
Wake up now – or there’ll be strife!
I can explain what you must do,
But all the rest is up to YOU.


Poem by Fay Libman, Career Coach & Consultant,
Mobile: +61 412 129 140