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Virtual Coaching Sessions

What is virtual career coaching?

This is sometimes also referred to as:

  • Career Coaching via Skype
  • Career eCoaching
  • Career coaching via telephone
  • Remote Career Coaching
  • Distance Career Coaching

What are the benefits?

Many people prefer virtual career coaching because they can:

  • easily fit in a career coaching session into their day at a time that is convenient to them,
  • be coached in the comfort of their own home, office or during their lunch hour,
  • eliminate the hassle and expense of travelling and parking,
  • save time and money,
  • relax in their own familiar surroundings and focus entirely on the program.

I know it works because…

I know virtual career coaching works because I have successfully worked with clients in every major capital city of Australia, remote outback regions as well as overseas cities in China and South America. An important part of my process is to follow up in between sessions via phone, SMS and email.

Virtual career coaching

Thumbs up to a great idea!

Virtual Career Coaching is really great.
You don’t have to rush – or be late!
Do it from the comfort of your home.
You could even do it – from your throne!

Avoid the hassle of crazy rush hour.
You have control – you have the power.
Switch on SKYPE – you’re ready to go.
Talk to a Career Coach – in the know.

You save time and you save money.
It really is true – so not that funny.
This is the future of career coaching.
Yes it is – I’m really NOT joking!

You fit in a session – when it suits you.
Day time or night time – either will do.
Wear your dressing gown, that’s okay.
Wear what you like – have it your way.

The main thing is that you can relax.
You could even – fix a few snacks.
Feel perfectly comfortable and at ease.
No need to dread – exorbitant fees!

Coaching is great – coaching is fun.
You’ll be shown – how things are done.
Nothing to fear – no need to fret.
Your expectations – will all soon be met.

So give it a go – come work with me.
I’ll show you things – you didn’t see.
Build up your confidence – make you so proud.
But most of all – to stand out in the crowd.

Fay Libman, Career Coach & Consultant @ Flair Careers
LinkedIn: faylibman
Mobile: +61 412-129-140

Let’s talk!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! I encourage you to book a Virtual (Phone /Skype) coaching session. I am available during business hours as well as after hours and weekends. I work with clients all over Australia and overseas.

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