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Corporate Services

Considering downsizing and layoffs?

How you treat your downsized employees will directly affect the moral of your entire workforce!  I support the people in your organization going through the downsizing experience with an effective Career Transition Program tailored to their specific needs.

I can deliver effective and highly competitive Outplacement / Career Transition Programs tailored especially for employees.

My approach

I will conduct a needs analysis and customise a program to suit each of your employees specific requirements. Depending on the duration of the program selected, a typical structured program may feature some or all of the following components:

  • 1st Session

    Career Needs Inventory – Initial career conversation, needs analysis, career direction and decision making.

  • 2nd Session

    Self-assessment, personal reflection, exploring personal values, identifying transferable skills, strengths, weaknesses, goals, dream jobs and industries.

  • 3rd Session

    Psychometric Testing and Debrief (if requested):  SII (Strong Interest Inventory Assessment or MBTI Assessment Testing (additional cost).

  • 4th Session

    Building confidence – developing unique career achievement stories.

  • 5th Session

    Research and explore current and future market trends relevant to field of work. Research training opportunities. Investigate career options. Prepare a gap analysis.

  • 6th Session

    Job Search Strategy and Marketing Campaign – Research hidden job market, networking for success.

  • 7th Session

    Marketing documents including resume and cover letters.

  • 8th Session

    Social Media – personal branding and LinkedIn Profile.

  • 9th Session

    Responding to job advertisements and selection criteria. Approaching and handling recruiters.

  • 10th Session

    Interview preparation coaching, training and confidence building.

  • 11th Session

    Preparing for different types of interviews. Practising responses for behavioural or competency based Interviews.

  • 12th Session

    Negotiating and accepting the job offer.

Work with me…

Throughout my involvement on government outsourced programs, I have had the privilege of working beside some of the best career coaches in the country. We know what is required and can deliver Outplacement and Career Transition Programs that are simple, affordable and transparent. With the focus on a highly personalized career coaching service, we work either face-to-face or via SKYPE with your employees to deliver the best possible success outcome.

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