Silly willy-nilly


A “send and hope” approach to resumes won’t work. Pick up the phone and enquire about the role first. Otherwise risk being a Silly willy-nilly!

Sending out resumes
At random – willy-nilly
Could reflect on you poorly,
Even make you look silly.

Pick up that phone
Before you apply!
That’s the first rule
You should live by.

Enquire about the job;
Is it still available?
Are you a good fit?
Make yourself saleable.

Ask important questions,
Learn about the role,
Tailor your application.
Make that your first goal.

Do you meet the criteria
That are been sought?
Do you have the skills
That cannot be taught?

Pluck up the courage,
Pick up that phone
Avoid disappointment;
Make yourself known!

Sending out resumes
At random – willy-nilly
Might make you feel busy
But maybe – look silly!

© 2016 Fay Libman