Look – no hands!

 Look – no hands !

On a business trip to Sydney,
My daughter did surprise me
With a gift to climb the bridge.
Was I terrified? Just a smidge!

My mouth went very dry;
Actually, I wanted to cry.
The panic welled up inside;
I just wanted to run and hide.

“Come up, Mum. It’ll be fun.
We’ll go slow until it’s done.
I thought we’d do this together,
And look – such perfect weather!”

So, I put on my bravest face,
Not wanting to be a disgrace.
For how could I let her see
The coward that lives in me?

The climb at first was scary,
Some parts were even eerie.
Traffic whizzing fast below
From everywhere, to and fro.

The water beneath looked deep;
Parts of the climb were steep!
The Opera House? Amazing!
I couldn’t stop from gazing!

As I marvelled at the beauty ahead,
I felt the fear lift, and instead
Breathed in the sweetest dews.
We enjoyed the most spectacular views.

I learnt a valuable life lesson here,
About power of focus as well as fear.
That losing face is a mighty force,
And we should live without remorse.

So watch what you choose to focus on,
Be it ugly duckling or beautiful swan.
Life is too short to shake in your boots.
Get out there. Enjoy! Savour the fruits.

Seize the moment. Be a superstar.
Confident and amazing, the best by far.
Believe in yourself. That’s an absolute must.
Believe that you can. Believe – and trust!

© 2016 Fay Libman


Poem by Fay Libman, Career Coach & Consultant,
Mobile: +61 412 129 140