LinkedIn Profile Photo – Just Do it!


Why are so many of us so dreadfully scared,
To include our photo on LinkedIn to be aired.
We’re simply embarrassed, and a little bit shy
To put ourselves out there, and that’s no lie!

I updated my LinkedIn photo recently,
Hired a “professional” to do the job decently.
But I too felt uncertain, awkward and shy.
I’d gained 10 extra kilos and wanted to cry!

New wrinkles called laugh-lines encircled my eyes
A stubborn double chin didn’t make me look wise
My new black framed glasses so rigid and stern
Made me look clever – far too eager to learn.

The lines on my neck sure aged me a lot
But, then I’m no spring chicken – certainly not!
I’ve been around the block – just a few times
I’ve done the hard yards – paid for my crimes

Why was I so worried about this photo shoot?
Why was my angst so incredibly acute?
Its because I do care about what people think
I care and I worry – on no – mustn’t blink!

We all feel so vulnerable, exposed and afraid
We’re such delicate creatures, so easily swayed
Our LinkedIn photo is deemed to be critical
Will others who view us – even be that analytical?

A photo adds legitimacy and credibility – that’s true
It says “I’m professional” take me seriously – yes do!
If it’s missing from your profile – how does that look
It says “I’m hiding something”  – I’m no open book

You see, your photo on LinkedIn really is a big deal.
A personal branding footprint to make you look real.
Transparency and honesty is the name of the game
Your photo says it all – and in just one simple frame

So – Just do it!