Job Search to-do List

Regarding careers advice
Got some tips for you
Been in this game a while
So know what you must do

What’s your point of difference?
Don’t be like the rest
Focus on accomplishments
Showcase just your best

Develop achievement stories
That’s something I recommend
What are your proudest moments?
Don’t be shy – but don’t pretend!

You can’t be afraid to ‘sell’
It’s perfectly acceptable here
Some may think it’s boastful
I say there’s nothing to fear

Reflect on why you’re special
Consider a story or two
Talk up your experiences
Just make sure they’re true!

Study the advertised position
Consider the value you bring
Rewrite your resume to match
And make that document sing!

Update your LinkedIn Profile
Your social media too
Or you’ll be the best-kept secret
Known only to a few

Get out there and network
Ask questions – seek advice
Let people know you’re looking
Tell them what would be nice

Take action – that’s imperative
You can’t mope around all day
Get out there – make it happen
Don’t stay in bed and pray!

If you get stuck on your journey
I’ve got more tips for you
Pick up that phone and call me
That’s the first thing you should do!

Fay Libman is a Career Coach and Consultant at Flair Careers. She provides virtual and in-person career coaching, offering services remotely for global clients and face-to-face for those based in Melbourne, Australia. You can find more of her work on her blog at