Hurry up!

hurry-up-800x400Hurry up – or you’ll be late,
To this most important date.
First job interview in a while?
Show up early and in style.

You’re excited –  I can see,
Wait a minute – listen to me!
I need you to stop and think,
Are you good – or do you stink!

Morning shower with deodorant,
Makes you the fresher applicant.
Brush your teeth – comb your hair.
Now let’s chose just what to wear.

Polished shoes, neat and clean.
Check the dress code for the scene.
Dress professionally – keep it simple.
Nothing flashy that might wrinkle.

Appropriate clothing for the role.
Makes you comfortable – in control.
Put in the effort to be well dressed.
You’ll feel, look and act your best.

Yes – hurry up so you’re not late,
For your important interview date.
You’re so excited – I can see
But WAIT a minute! Listen to me!


Poem by Fay Libman, Career Coach & Consultant,
Mobile: 0412-129-140