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Fay’s Blog – careers advice through poetry

Just another Redundancy!

Preamble: The following poem about redundancy draws from my own personal experience working closely with many clients. My best advice is to anticipate the worst, have a plan and be prepared – just in case it happens to you too! Baffled and bewildered, she sat across the table. She couldn’t move or speak. She simply […]

Silly willy-nilly

A “send and hope” approach to resumes won’t work. Pick up the phone and enquire about the role first. Otherwise risk being a Silly willy-nilly! Sending out resumes At random – willy-nilly Could reflect on you poorly, Even make you look silly. Pick up that phone Before you apply! That’s the first rule You should […]

Confidence and career success – Part 1

When you’ve lost your job And are feeling a little down Here’s a little something To get rid of that frown Don’t ever doubt yourself Silence the loser within Work on your confidence And smile – yes, even grin! Get rid of that victim mentality Step out of your comfort zone Contact others in your […]

Confidence and career success – Part 2

Now here’s what I suggest Here’s what you need to do Stop and reflect on your wins But more than just one or two Consider your proudest moments Throughout your working life Align these to your key strengths To avoid any future strife If you don’t believe in yourself Then no one else will either […]

I AM Awesome!

If you’ve recently lost your job and now are feeling like a bit of a blob Don’t oversleep, despair or cry Look up instead at the bright blue sky Consider how wonderful you really are Shout out to everyone – both near and far “Hey everybody – I AM awesome” One like me is like […]

Virtual Career Coaching

Virtual Career Coaching is really great. You don’t have to rush – or be late! Do it from the comfort of your home. You could even do it – from your throne! Avoid the hassle of crazy rush hour. You have control – you have the power. Switch on SKYPE – you’re ready to go. […]

Hurry up!

Hurry up – or you’ll be late, To this most important date. First job interview in a while? Show up early and in style. You’re excited –  I can see, Wait a minute – listen to me! I need you to stop and think, Are you good – or do you stink! Morning shower with […]

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Career Coach Confessions – why I do this work !

Career Coach Confessions – why I do this work!   I love to write poetry; I’m not one to be coy! I advise on careers; This brings me great joy! A professional career coach, I know what to do. Job loss can be painful; Career change is too. Corporate restructures Affect lots of lives, Redundancies piercing, […]

Look – no hands!

 Look – no hands ! On a business trip to Sydney, My daughter did surprise me With a gift to climb the bridge. Was I terrified? Just a smidge! My mouth went very dry; Actually, I wanted to cry. The panic welled up inside; I just wanted to run and hide. “Come up, Mum. It’ll […]

Let’s Talk

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! I encourage you to book a Virtual (Phone /Skype) or face-to-face coaching session. I am available during business hours as well as after hours and weekends. I work with clients all over Australia and overseas.


career and executive coaching

engagement  |  job search  |  redundancy  |  transition  |  outplacement

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