Confidence and career success – Part 2


Now here’s what I suggest
Here’s what you need to do
Stop and reflect on your wins
But more than just one or two

Consider your proudest moments
Throughout your working life
Align these to your key strengths
To avoid any future strife

If you don’t believe in yourself
Then no one else will either
Doubt breeds fear, you know
And you don’t need that one either

What – you can’t think of anything?
Well, that’s just a load of rot!
We’ve all had our share of wins
What a pity – you’ve just forgot!

Stop now! Take time to reflect
Write down all you’ve accomplished
Detail your work achievements
You’ll soon be quite astonished!

So, what else can I do to help
Remind you how great you are?
I’ve got lots of tips and suggestions
I can help make you a STAR!

Fay Libman is a Career Coach and Consultant at Flair Careers. She provides virtual and in-person career coaching, offering services remotely for global clients and face-to-face for those based in Melbourne, Australia. You can find more of her work on her blog at