Silly willy-nilly


A “send and hope” approach to resumes won’t work. Pick up the phone and enquire about the role first. Otherwise risk being a Silly willy-nilly!

Sending out resumes
At random – willy-nilly
Could reflect on you poorly,
Even make you look silly.

Pick up that phone
Before you apply!
That’s the first rule
You should live by.

Enquire about the job;
Is it still available?
Are you a good fit?
Make yourself saleable.

Ask important questions,
Learn about the role,
Tailor your application.
Make that your first goal.

Do you meet the criteria
That are been sought?
Do you have the skills
That cannot be taught?

Pluck up the courage,
Pick up that phone
Avoid disappointment;
Make yourself known!

Sending out resumes
At random – willy-nilly
Might make you feel busy
But maybe – look silly!

© 2016 Fay Libman

Job Search to-do List

Regarding careers advice
Got some tips for you
Been in this game a while
So know what you must do

What’s your point of difference?
Don’t be like the rest
Focus on accomplishments
Showcase just your best

Develop achievement stories
That’s something I recommend
What are your proudest moments?
Don’t be shy – but don’t pretend!

You can’t be afraid to ‘sell’
It’s perfectly acceptable here
Some may think it’s boastful
I say there’s nothing to fear

Reflect on why you’re special
Consider a story or two
Talk up your experiences
Just make sure they’re true!

Study the advertised position
Consider the value you bring
Rewrite your resume to match
And make that document sing!

Update your LinkedIn Profile
Your social media too
Or you’ll be the best-kept secret
Known only to a few

Get out there and network
Ask questions – seek advice
Let people know you’re looking
Tell them what would be nice

Take action – that’s imperative
You can’t mope around all day
Get out there – make it happen
Don’t stay in bed and pray!

If you get stuck on your journey
I’ve got more tips for you
Pick up that phone and call me
That’s the first thing you should do!

Fay Libman is a Career Coach and Consultant at Flair Careers. She provides virtual and in-person career coaching, offering services remotely for global clients and face-to-face for those based in Melbourne, Australia. You can find more of her work on her blog at

Confidence and career success – Part 1


When you’ve lost your job
And are feeling a little down
Here’s a little something
To get rid of that frown

Don’t ever doubt yourself
Silence the loser within
Work on your confidence
And smile – yes, even grin!

Get rid of that victim mentality
Step out of your comfort zone
Contact others in your network
Just pick up that bloody phone!

What’s the worst that could happen?
You can’t overthink this stuff
You’ll suffer a few knock-backs
So what? Learn to get tough!

Confidence is so crucial
To any successful career
It’s the most vital ingredient
To move on without fear

When you’ve lost your job
And are feeling a little down
Take massive action NOW!
And get rid of that frown


Fay Libman is a Career Coach and Consultant at Flair Careers. She provides virtual and in-person career coaching, offering services remotely for global clients and face-to-face for those based in Melbourne, Australia. You can find more of her work on her blog at

Confidence and career success – Part 2


Now here’s what I suggest
Here’s what you need to do
Stop and reflect on your wins
But more than just one or two

Consider your proudest moments
Throughout your working life
Align these to your key strengths
To avoid any future strife

If you don’t believe in yourself
Then no one else will either
Doubt breeds fear, you know
And you don’t need that one either

What – you can’t think of anything?
Well, that’s just a load of rot!
We’ve all had our share of wins
What a pity – you’ve just forgot!

Stop now! Take time to reflect
Write down all you’ve accomplished
Detail your work achievements
You’ll soon be quite astonished!

So, what else can I do to help
Remind you how great you are?
I’ve got lots of tips and suggestions
I can help make you a STAR!

Fay Libman is a Career Coach and Consultant at Flair Careers. She provides virtual and in-person career coaching, offering services remotely for global clients and face-to-face for those based in Melbourne, Australia. You can find more of her work on her blog at

I AM Awesome!


If you’ve recently lost your job
and now are feeling like a bit of a blob
Don’t oversleep, despair or cry
Look up instead at the bright blue sky

Consider how wonderful you really are
Shout out to everyone – both near and far
“Hey everybody – I AM awesome”
One like me is like hiring a foursome!

Here’s my technique to make that happen
It’s pretty cool and it’ll keep you clappin
Think about all your career wins
The awesome ones – not just the sins!

Write down all those special times
You added value to your employers’ lines
Made a huge difference to the company
Increased their profits with positive integrity

Give specific examples of everything you did
Soon you’ll start feeling like a very smart kid
It’ll be hard to wipe the grin off your face
But I promise it’ll help get you back in the race!

This little exercise will make you feel better
To get back in the game and become a go-getter
Don’t be a silly sausage – too shy to do this
Jump out of bed and follow your bliss

Too many jobseekers crumble under the pressure
Far better to reinvent, revive and feel fresher
So, shout out on Social Media at the top of your voice
I AM Awesome – the best candidate – and the best choice!

Fay Libman, Career Coach & Consultant @ Flair Careers
LinkedIn: faylibman
Mobile: +61 412-129-140

Hurry up!

hurry-up-800x400Hurry up – or you’ll be late,
To this most important date.
First job interview in a while?
Show up early and in style.

You’re excited –  I can see,
Wait a minute – listen to me!
I need you to stop and think,
Are you good – or do you stink!

Morning shower with deodorant,
Makes you the fresher applicant.
Brush your teeth – comb your hair.
Now let’s chose just what to wear.

Polished shoes, neat and clean.
Check the dress code for the scene.
Dress professionally – keep it simple.
Nothing flashy that might wrinkle.

Appropriate clothing for the role.
Makes you comfortable – in control.
Put in the effort to be well dressed.
You’ll feel, look and act your best.

Yes – hurry up so you’re not late,
For your important interview date.
You’re so excited – I can see
But WAIT a minute! Listen to me!


Poem by Fay Libman, Career Coach & Consultant,
Mobile: 0412-129-140

Look – no hands!

 Look – no hands !

On a business trip to Sydney,
My daughter did surprise me
With a gift to climb the bridge.
Was I terrified? Just a smidge!

My mouth went very dry;
Actually, I wanted to cry.
The panic welled up inside;
I just wanted to run and hide.

“Come up, Mum. It’ll be fun.
We’ll go slow until it’s done.
I thought we’d do this together,
And look – such perfect weather!”

So, I put on my bravest face,
Not wanting to be a disgrace.
For how could I let her see
The coward that lives in me?

The climb at first was scary,
Some parts were even eerie.
Traffic whizzing fast below
From everywhere, to and fro.

The water beneath looked deep;
Parts of the climb were steep!
The Opera House? Amazing!
I couldn’t stop from gazing!

As I marvelled at the beauty ahead,
I felt the fear lift, and instead
Breathed in the sweetest dews.
We enjoyed the most spectacular views.

I learnt a valuable life lesson here,
About power of focus as well as fear.
That losing face is a mighty force,
And we should live without remorse.

So watch what you choose to focus on,
Be it ugly duckling or beautiful swan.
Life is too short to shake in your boots.
Get out there. Enjoy! Savour the fruits.

Seize the moment. Be a superstar.
Confident and amazing, the best by far.
Believe in yourself. That’s an absolute must.
Believe that you can. Believe – and trust!

© 2016 Fay Libman


Poem by Fay Libman, Career Coach & Consultant,
Mobile: +61 412 129 140

Wake up!

PREAMBLE: This piece was inspired by a client struggling to explain what he did in his last role. In this “Wake Up” message, I explain why making an effort and taking responsibility to recall (and record) such information is critical to your career / job search journey. Do you agree?


How can I explain to you
What it is that you must do?
To get a job and get it now,
Listen up – I’ll show you how.

Your cover letter and resume
Must be relevant and say
Exactly what it is you do.
Just be honest and be true.

General statements won’t suffice.
Provide evidence – don’t think twice.
You can’t afford to go blank.
Tell YOUR story – just be frank.

Do you know just what you want?
Can you tell your favourite aunt
Exactly what your job entailed?
If you can’t – then you’ll have failed.

Recruiters always want to know
If you’re sharp and in the flow.
Can you recall just what you did?
Or are you just a dopey kid?

Wake up now – don’t waste your life!
Wake up now – or there’ll be strife!
I can explain what you must do,
But all the rest is up to YOU.


Poem by Fay Libman, Career Coach & Consultant,
Mobile: +61 412 129 140

LinkedIn Profile Photo – Just Do it!


Why are so many of us so dreadfully scared,
To include our photo on LinkedIn to be aired.
We’re simply embarrassed, and a little bit shy
To put ourselves out there, and that’s no lie!

I updated my LinkedIn photo recently,
Hired a “professional” to do the job decently.
But I too felt uncertain, awkward and shy.
I’d gained 10 extra kilos and wanted to cry!

New wrinkles called laugh-lines encircled my eyes
A stubborn double chin didn’t make me look wise
My new black framed glasses so rigid and stern
Made me look clever – far too eager to learn.

The lines on my neck sure aged me a lot
But, then I’m no spring chicken – certainly not!
I’ve been around the block – just a few times
I’ve done the hard yards – paid for my crimes

Why was I so worried about this photo shoot?
Why was my angst so incredibly acute?
Its because I do care about what people think
I care and I worry – on no – mustn’t blink!

We all feel so vulnerable, exposed and afraid
We’re such delicate creatures, so easily swayed
Our LinkedIn photo is deemed to be critical
Will others who view us – even be that analytical?

A photo adds legitimacy and credibility – that’s true
It says “I’m professional” take me seriously – yes do!
If it’s missing from your profile – how does that look
It says “I’m hiding something”  – I’m no open book

You see, your photo on LinkedIn really is a big deal.
A personal branding footprint to make you look real.
Transparency and honesty is the name of the game
Your photo says it all – and in just one simple frame

So – Just do it!

Why investing in a career coach makes sense and how I can help!

  • As a Consultant, how do I provide the biggest impact?

    As a Consultant, my primary focus is to build each client’s confidence so that they remain motivated and inspired to take action. Some clients require more assistance (hand-holding) while others are already quite motivated and sufficiently empowered after only a couple of career coaching sessions. For those who require more attention, l will prepare a customized and detailed Strategy /Action Plan to guide them every step of the way. I follow up regularly via email /SMS /telephone to make sure they understand and complete the necessary homework provided. I stay in touch to make sure they remain engaged and committed throughout the program. My clients appreciate my attention to detail and know that I will go the extra mile to check that they stay on track.

    Photo of Fay

  • How I can help parents supporting their adult children’s job seeking journey?

    I work with parents who may be experiencing stress and anxiety because their adult children are out of work.  I can provide the necessary guidance, motivation, inspiration and support needed to get your unemployed adult child back into the work-force!  Call me for a confidential, obligation-free chat about your specific situation.

  • What are the main career challenges for those in blue-collar / junior positions?

    Taking far too long to accept the reality of their situation. Dragging their feet! Not coming to grips with what has happened and therefore not taking the necessary immediate action to adequately prepare for their exit out of the company. Not knowing where to start. Not having a clear direction and action plan to do this. Engaging the services of a professional Career Coach to help you get on track and stay on track – can make all the difference for a successful outcome.

  • What are the main career challenges for mature age workers?

    • Lack of self-confidence and self-belief.aboutus
    • Ageism, discrimination (whether perceived or real)
    • Inadequate or insufficient computer and research skills
    • Outdated Resume, LinkedIn Profile
    • Feeling insecure about general marketing
    • Lack of presentation skills
    • Fear of self-promoting and appearing ridiculous
    • Fear of failure
  • What are the main career challenges for those in senior to mid-level management positions?

    The nature of jobs and the job landscape keeps changing rapidly. For this group, staying one step ahead of the curb can be a challenge – especially if they’ve been employed in the same company for over 5 years.  Managing expectations, uncertainty, crushed egos, bruised self-confidence, staying motivated are all mixed emotions this group are likely to experience. I am a professional Career Coach with over 25 years experience and I can help manage such challenges.


 Fay Libman, Career Coach & Consultant,
Mobile: +61 412 129 140

Fay Libman is a Career Coach and Consultant at Flair Careers. She provides virtual and in-person career coaching, offering services remotely for global clients and face-to-face for those based in Melbourne, Australia.