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Virtual Phone Coaching

Guarantee of professional service

I am a qualified career professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA). This means my practice is guided by a strict Code of Professional Conduct, Ethics and Quality Assurance.

Programs include:

  • Guidance to help you clarify and define your objective and career goals.
  • Motivation to lead you in the right direction.
  • Career development and job search support.
  • Career Resources such as relevant articles, reports, e-books, or assessment tools.
  • Email support for the duration of your program.
  • Programs remain valid for 6 months from date of commencement
  • Clients will be expected to complete additional activities /homework outside of their designated sessions.


“One-off” only (one hour) career coaching
consultation on a topic of your choice
AUD $280.00 (plus GST)
Subsequent (one hour) ad hoc career
coaching consultations as required
AUD $250.00 (plus GST)

Tailored Programs

4 x 1 hour sessions (taken over a 4 week period)AUD $ 840.00 (plus GST)
6 x 1 hour sessions (taken over a 6-8 week period)AUD $1,080.00 (plus GST)
12 x1 hour sessions (taken over a 6-12 month period)AUD $1,800.00 (plus GST)

Value for money

Pay as you go on an “as needs basis” OR buy a block of career coaching sessions upfront. Tailored Programs are more cost effective and better value for money when you consider the recommended industry standard for this type of work is for a minimum of four (4) sessions to get maximum benefit out of your coaching service.

Contact me to discuss a suitable payment plan if needed.

Payment Method

We require payment prior to commencement of a program.

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What Clients Say:

Fay radiates a passion for what she does and genuinely wants to help people find fulfilment in their careers. I had the pleasure of working with Fay on a number of occasions during and after a redundancy program at my previous employer. She helped me stay motivated and develop the courage to commence a career change that I had been considering for some time. Fay’s standout trait is her ability to instil within you a sense of pride about your skills and accomplishments. For someone in my position this was critically important. I highly recommend working with Fay if you are in need of career coaching and guidance.

Marwan ZogheibExperienced Engineer | Software Developer Passionate about IT & Technology
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