I AM Awesome!


If you’ve recently lost your job
and now are feeling like a bit of a blob
Don’t oversleep, despair or cry
Look up instead at the bright blue sky

Consider how wonderful you really are
Shout out to everyone – both near and far
“Hey everybody – I AM awesome”
One like me is like hiring a foursome!

Here’s my technique to make that happen
It’s pretty cool and it’ll keep you clappin
Think about all your career wins
The awesome ones – not just the sins!

Write down all those special times
You added value to your employers’ lines
Made a huge difference to the company
Increased their profits with positive integrity

Give specific examples of everything you did
Soon you’ll start feeling like a very smart kid
It’ll be hard to wipe the grin off your face
But I promise it’ll help get you back in the race!

This little exercise will make you feel better
To get back in the game and become a go-getter
Don’t be a silly sausage – too shy to do this
Jump out of bed and follow your bliss

Too many jobseekers crumble under the pressure
Far better to reinvent, revive and feel fresher
So, shout out on Social Media at the top of your voice
I AM Awesome – the best candidate – and the best choice!

Fay Libman, Career Coach & Consultant @ Flair Careers
Email: fay@flaircareers.com.au;
LinkedIn: faylibman
Mobile: +61 412-129-140

Virtual Career Coaching


Virtual Career Coaching is really great.
You don’t have to rush – or be late!
Do it from the comfort of your home.
You could even do it – from your throne!

Avoid the hassle of crazy rush hour.
You have control – you have the power.
Switch on SKYPE – you’re ready to go.
Talk to a Career Coach – in the know.

You save time and you save money.
It really is true – so not that funny.
This is the future of career coaching.
Yes it is – and I’m not even joking!

You fit in a session – when it suits you.
Day time or night time – either will do.
Wear your dressing gown, that’s okay.
Wear what you like – have it your way.

The main thing is that you can relax.
You could even – fix a few snacks.
Feel perfectly comfortable and at ease.
No need to dread – exorbitant fees!

Coaching is great – coaching is fun.
You’ll be shown – how things are done.
Nothing to fear – no need to fret.
Your expectations – will all soon be met.

So give it a go – come work with me.
I’ll show you things – you didn’t see.
Build up your confidence – make you so proud.
But most of all – to stand out in the crowd.


Poem by Fay Libman, Career Coach & Consultant,
Mobile: +61 412-129-140

Fay Libman provides virtual and in-person career coaching, offering services remotely for global clients and face-to-face for those based in Melbourne, Australia. You can find more of her work at www.flaircareers.com.au

Hurry up!

hurry-up-800x400Hurry up – or you’ll be late,
To this most important date.
First job interview in a while?
Show up early and in style.

You’re excited –  I can see,
Wait a minute – listen to me!
I need you to stop and think,
Are you good – or do you stink!

Morning shower with deodorant,
Makes you the fresher applicant.
Brush your teeth – comb your hair.
Now let’s chose just what to wear.

Polished shoes, neat and clean.
Check the dress code for the scene.
Dress professionally – keep it simple.
Nothing flashy that might wrinkle.

Appropriate clothing for the role.
Makes you comfortable – in control.
Put in the effort to be well dressed.
You’ll feel, look and act your best.

Yes – hurry up so you’re not late,
For your important interview date.
You’re so excited – I can see
But WAIT a minute! Listen to me!


Poem by Fay Libman, Career Coach & Consultant,
Email: fay@flaircareers.com.au
LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/faylibman
Mobile: 0412-129-140